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Top 3 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

Top 3 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

May 15th, 2024

Whether hanging out, traveling, or hitting the office, summer fashion is always an opportunity to express yourself. Head-to-toe monochromatic white is a fresh and classic look that we’ll see a lot of and can easily be dressed up or down. Wide-legged trousers with big pockets have made a big impact on the catwalk lately. They are super comfy and elegant at the same time. Transparency in tule fabrics in black, white, and neutrals is also going to have people turning heads this summer. Whether it’s a longish flowing skirt, a sleeveless top, or a long-sleeve work shirt, get ready to sport these looks on date night. To find these hot summer looks, just walk across the street to the world-renowned South Coast Plaza. When you live in a new apartment for rent in South Coast Metro at 580 Anton, you’ll always be a fashion-forward star. Visit us for a personal tour of this stylish community and experience luxury living in Orange County like no other.