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The 580 lifestyle: Thanksgiving must-haves

The 580 lifestyle: Thanksgiving must-haves

November 14th, 2023

Hosting is an art. At 580 Anton, we’ve got luxury apartments for rent in South Coast Metro that set the stage for extraordinary moments to create new memories with the special people in your life during the holidays and all year long for meaningful living. For Thanksgiving, we have a must-have list to add even more style. Have at least one gold item on the Thanksgiving table. It adds a curated touch of distinction. We love the selection of items at South Coast Plaza. Be sure to check out Crate & Barrel. Fresh and organically grown produce is always a nice touch for any occasion. We love the Costa Mesa Farmers Market at SOCO. It’s perfect for picking up ingredients for healthy side dishes and appetizers. To keep the deliciousness going, try some Thanksgiving recipes from Bon Appetit. Candlelight ambiance is perfect for dining, but make sure the candles are unscented so nothing interferes with the delicious aromas of your feast. The main thing is to enjoy yourself. On behalf of everyone at 580 Anton, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for choosing 580 Anton as the place you call home in Orange County.